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4 Ladies..

Ok, I don’t know how I feel about the rookie k-pop group 4 Ladies, or 4L. Their drama teaser was hot I guess, and was like a small breath of fresh air in the k-pop industry because it showcased two women making out and groping each other and stuff, which I’ve never seen before with this genre of music. Yes, it was slutty and everything, but I don’t know.. it was a ok (at least for me), probably because it was different from the usual male/female sex scenes filmed by other groups.

But then I saw the dance teaser, and I began disliking the group’s concept. The dancing was literally all vagina/crotch shots, with rubbing and ass-shaking and provocative hip movements, which annoys me. I don’t even know if I’d classify it as ‘dancing’, since these moves are the moves of strippers. I swear, if there were poles and the girls were using them, I would have thought this was a commercial for some Korean strip club.

This is the group’s debut single (titled ‘Move’), and the concept is not sexy, it’s downright slutty. I don’t know if the girls had any part in choosing the concept or creating the dance, but whoever did should be ashamed. Why? Because I think it’s a degrading and embarrassing way to introduce a new group into the entertainment industry. I’ve seen sexy concepts, like SISTAR’s recent stuff and Hyuna’s recent music videos, but there is a difference there: while there are some sexy and even provocative moves, the girls are at least not grabbing their privates the entire time, and there are good, catchy dance moves. With 4 Ladies’ dance, from what I’ve seen, all the moves have ‘fuck me’ written all over them. 

I have no problem with sexy concepts and women embracing their bodies and sexuality, but please, this belongs in a strip club, not on popular Korean music show stages (but something tells me this will never be shown on TV because of how provocative it is). There is a fine line between things that are sexy and hot and things that a cheap prostitute or stripper would do, and that line should never be crossed. If the women of 4L like dancing this way, they should dance in strip clubs. 

I don’t want to hear anything about, “Oh, so it’s OK for men to rip their shirts off and gyrate and all, but not for women!” because that does not factor into my argument in any way. I find male groups who do too many hip thrusts or take their clothes off in their dances to also be crossing the line, going from sexy to degrading. I believe this type of ‘dancing’, whether done by male or female groups, is cheap and ruins the industry as a whole, and also puts a bad mark on this generation (since these groups more often than not do it because we, the fans, love this shit). 

To be honest, I have not seen the entire dance nor seen the entire video, and I don’t know the full lyrics to the song (since it hasn’t been released yet). But while the lesbian teaser was refreshing, it was still a slutty thing to do, and the dance teaser topped it off. I don’t know if the entire dance is this bad or if the music video is completely trashy, but if it resembles the teasers, then I will make the assumption that it is (but I hope to be wrong with this assumption). I’m sure everyone involved with this group and their debut is happy with all the attention 4 Ladies is getting, but if THIS is what it takes for rookies to become noticed now, that’s just sad. 

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the lovely ladies of SMTOWN

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"When I first saw SNSD in concert, I understood the hype; they [the members] this was a group that was not only talented but polite and kind. These girls know how to make you love them, and they do so by being mature, open, friendly, funny, and sometimes silly, they’re not so reserved or stuck-up like other performers. I love that they work together in a group so well and don’t try to outshine any other member by doing anything slutty or disgraceful or whatnot, and I especially love how they don’t take their fans for granted but actually seem to care about us and our opinions. They do the best they can with open hearts.. now that’s a group I can support."